Local by Joshua Gee & Archie Thomson: 
The brand was naturally created through our hobbies and passions, in this instance; skateboarding, The name “local’ became a popular and common word  initially used by friends and family to describe a specific location, area, friendship group and community. Local was a symbol of community and a circle of friends with similar interests, passions and goals. The brand heavily focuses on incorporating humour and light heartedness in our concepts as seen in our campaigns. We also enjoy exploring exciting cartoon styled themed graphics which tend to have a unique pattern, story or message.

We initially started by selling screen-printed t-shirts with our classic og logo but have since then been re-shaping and emerging the idea of Local through one of our new logo’s including 4 characters (friends) holding “Local” to reiterate  being focused around friendship, location and community. Local heavily focuses on the reinforcement of both the name and meaning through the usage of pictures and videography capturing a fun, vibrant and community feel. 

The vision for the brand is to continue evolving and growing through new unique and interesting collections, more exciting campaigns and lookbook’s and to continue creating fun, humorous and entertaining content. We are also constantly working on new campaigns to really build our brand identity and let people know what local is really about.